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Breakfast Combo - Dalia -400 gram & white oats -500 gram

SKU: DW-400-500

₹180 (900.00g)

Stock status: In stock
Category: Breakfast Cereals,
Brand: vPure

To start your day with a power-packed breakfast, our White oats are the perfect option. It is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins which will keep you full of energy throughout the day. Use it as a quick snack or add it to other smoothies and recipes to enhance their nutritional value. Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle with our premium White Oats that is carefully crafted and delivered right to your doorstep.
Multigrain Roasted Daliya is not difficult to process and is brimming with nourishment. It is high in fiber and is considered one of the most mind-blowing food sources for weight reduction. Daliya can be made in more ways than one and is one of the best choices for breakfast/lunch and supper. Going Without Gluten Can Work on Bone Well-Being and Keep a Sound Weight.